Saturday, September 8, 2012

IF Imagination

Milly and Tilly love to twirl and twirl while imagining that they are dancing in the center of the Milky Way...  or something like that :D.

I started this for last weeks prompt, Identical and along the way it turned it into this weeks prompt Imagination mostly because I didn't get it finished in time. Well, I didn't really try to finish it. I sketched it on Thursday while I sat in the waiting room at the Center for the Visually Impaired and didn't get back to it until last night. I did try to paint them dancing on clouds, but it just wasn't working. Sparkles and stars are the next best thing though. ;)  I thought I'd post it progressively, because I haven't done that in a while. 

 I hope that you are all having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment :)