Friday, February 25, 2011

IF_Layers WIP

curtains? what do you think?

No time to finish this weeks post either, and it's very last minute, again.  Actually, I just realized it's already Friday.  Oh well, better late than never.  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yay for Presidents Day!

because it gave us a long weekend and that allowed me to finish this up.   So yay! Freedom to create.  Maybe I'll even get to finish something new... and no headache!


Here is my last minute entry for IF for last week.  There will be a new one in a few hours, but I really wanted to get something up.  I started several different ideas for this, but just never really liked any of them.  I guess I was just in a mood because I've had one continuous headache all week long.  Can you believe that my husband has never had a headache in his entire life?  How does that happen?  Anyway, it put me in an I hate everything I do mood.  I didn't even like any of my sketches and trashed them all. So, I threw this together today.  I don't know if I will finish it or not.  What do you think?  Is it worth finishing?  Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, I finally got this one finished.  I think... it's one of those illustrations that seemed to take me forever and I just finally decided to stop messing with it.  I will quite possibly change my mind when I look at it tomorrow. lol    I'm having deja vu, I must say that a lot. 
I'm already working on an illustration for IF's prompt Sweater and I'm determined to do something quick and simple, so I can get it posted this week.  That being said,  I'm not so great at simple; Sometimes I can do quick.  I say this to myself often and then the illustration takes on a life of it's own and becomes, well, complicated.  I envy those artists who can make a few lines or a loose sketchy image and simple color into a creative and solid piece of art. There is something to be said for simplicity and for me anyway, it's harder than it looks to make something very simple, yet very special.