Friday, February 18, 2011


Here is my last minute entry for IF for last week.  There will be a new one in a few hours, but I really wanted to get something up.  I started several different ideas for this, but just never really liked any of them.  I guess I was just in a mood because I've had one continuous headache all week long.  Can you believe that my husband has never had a headache in his entire life?  How does that happen?  Anyway, it put me in an I hate everything I do mood.  I didn't even like any of my sketches and trashed them all. So, I threw this together today.  I don't know if I will finish it or not.  What do you think?  Is it worth finishing?  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Hah trying to smeak one in eh? :)

    Of course it is worth finsihing. So far it's humming and zinging with loveley highlights and roundness! (You know three dimensionality)

    And it's also enigmatic. Because we can't see the face.

    Hope your headache clears - only really intelligent people get headaches :)

    (Just kidding husband of Karen!)

    PS it won't let me click for big?

  2. Hiya Karen, how are you? Ugh, you needn't say more about moods and headaches. I know them too well. My best friend once said that I get them because I think too much? Now how exactly do you think less anyway?? Well, your husband should consider himself blessed. Haha!

    And why shouldn't you carry on with this lovely little lady? I see she has those sunny looking balloons to keep her happy? How about lending me some? Hehehe... Really, K.H. you should go ahead and finish it! oxx

  3. Hello Karen. does not matter. time is eternal (or simply does not exist) after the last minute, there is still an eternity!
    Very nice work!

  4. Hiya Andrew, yes I sneaked it in and crawled into bed and 1:00am... Lucky for me the new word is layer so I can finish this and use it because all of my work is done on layers!lol
    Oh thank you Amalia! yes headaches are the pits, mine was somewhat gone yesterday but is back this morning with a vengeance. Probably due to staying up too late ;)
    Roberto I love you point of view on time, thank you and I agree, but I'm also a deadline meeting, rule following perfectionist from time to time. ;)

  5. oh and I don't know why it won't "click for big"
    why does that happen sometimes? I'll have to re-post it. thanks for telling me Andrew, I usually check, but I was very tired ;o

  6. Love it!Hope you'll be better to finish it,but in anyway it's a great illo:)

  7. Aww, Karen, I'm sorry about your headache. :( I hope you feel better real soon. I think this is a fantastic image, though. I like the angle. It suggests that there's a story to tell. Can't wait to see what she's walking toward! And oh my! When I enlarged it, I had to admire the texture of her knitted sweater. Fantastic!

  8. thanks Monica and Bella, yes it is better now Bella, finally!

  9. This is really beautiful, Karen! There's such a lovely enigmatic quality to it - seeing the figure from the back. The sweater has a lot of character too.

    So sorry about your headache. I have them a lot and know how miserable they can be. Lucky for us that you persevered with this piece!


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