Monday, October 5, 2009

If: Germs

It's a work in progress... blankies and teddies are always germy. This is my first time doing Illustration Friday. I always love looking at every one's illos.


  1. yes, a teddy must be the most disgustingly germ ridden thing on earth, it only gets washed if there's something extraordinarilly filthy on it - good picture!

  2. I like the feel of the after washed. It smell so fresh and clean just like your drawing.

  3. Nice work so far, I hope one of the things that you're gonna work on further is the background - the stark drop shadow against the grey void is a bit bland compared to the lovely character you've got. I like the texture on the blankie, and his pose is very natural. Is this taken straight from photo ref? With so many repsonses to this week's If being so sticky and disgusting, this is a charming interpretation of the word.

    Adam Foster-Fahy

  4. Thank you for the comments and yes,Adam, I plan on working on the background and yes, it is from several photo references and pics of my son when he was much, much younger. I was thinking of placing him outside of the bedroom, with the door open and details of the room inside. I just happened to be working on this and thought, yep, this is germy. Why not finally enter something?!


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