Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you Susan!

Susan of Susan Beth Studio has been kind enough to give me two blog awards. The first one I had planned on accepting and doing the list of things required for acceptance, but I just was crazy busy and never had the time to get to it.  It was so kind of her to give me another one and so I am making sure I do it this time. Thank you Susan, you are so sweet. I am breaking blogger etiquette I guess, but I am not posting the rules, instead I am listing my favorite blogs for you to check out. Susan gave this award to some of my favorites already and I don't want to be repetitive but if I list your blog and you want to do the whole thing "the right way" you can get the rules for it off of Susan's blog, or do what I am doing and just post links to your favorite blogs.

So here are just some of my favorite blogs:
Kyle-Creative (this is my sister)

So be sure to check them out and again, thank you Susan you're a sweetheart! Enjoy, they are all great artists and I could keep going and going because there are so many other blogs that I  love and enjoy visiting.


  1. You're quite welcome my dear, enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much Darling! I am so very, very honored. Thanks again and again. You are such a blessing indeed! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. My goodness, Karen! I am SO honored by this, from you. Thank you so is such a wonderful thing to get to know such a lovely person as are a ray of sunshine to my world as well. Thank you again...and keep up this amazing are just on a bullet train in terms of the progress you've made since I've first seen your should be very proud! I am glad you popped by - I'm sorry for my absence...hope to be back soon.

  4. Oh goodness, are you serious??? ME, included on YOUR list? I'm floored, seriously. I feel like Sandra Bullock at the Oscars. YOU, my dear, are an incredible, amazing artist and so very sweet. Thank you for the high honor!

  5. Vanessa, Shirley and Bella you are all so very talented and so very welcome! I love keeping up with what you do. You are all very supportive and kind too. Just a tiny bit of sunshine to show my appreciation!

  6. Aha, while my back is turned!

    Thankyou Karen, that is very kind of you! I must say I agree with your list!




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