Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just a quick one for Illustration Friday's prompt breakfast. I was already doing this one and lost all the work except for the beginning of the doughnut and had to mostly start over, so it's messy and even quicker than I had intended, oh well. Another ant, I must have ants on the brain or something. Anyway, here he is the giant, he-man, doughnut steeling ant.  Hope every one is having a great summer. Thanks for stopping by!  and thanks for taking the time to comment! and Andrew, I am working on pickle ant, I really am! ; )


  1. Heh now that's one fine donut! Great texture and shadingWhy do I always check your posts when I am hungry?. The ant is cool, it looks like a muscly lady ant (must be the eyeliner? - just joking) It;s quite an accomplishment to bring out human features in insects I think.

    Now where is that whip? :)



  2. And here is that little menace again, now with a doughnut! (or is this a friend of his??)... Well, as always, I'd come away from your blog hungry! Haha! Great work, K.H.! (hugs)

  3. This is my favorite one :D I see that your ants are very lucky! :)

  4. I can almost taste that glaze - What a sweet treat! :o)

  5. Hi Karen, this type of ants are very dangerous when you go camping!
    In some cases they take the tent too. ja ja.
    Very good illustration!
    Thank you for your comment.

  6. Ant has managed to snad quite a prize! m-m-m-m good!

  7. Dear Karen,
    this illustration is so cute and sweet!!!

  8. That donut looks good enough to eat. I love the ant's curly antennae. Cute illustration!

  9. This reminds me of Sisyphus rolling the rock uphill, but you are right! a doughnut is betta :)
    i have not forgotten you...


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