Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished work

Well, I finally had a chance to finish this piece. Do the flags add to it, or take away from it? I can't decide. I was thinking of using this piece as part of a promotional mailer, so let me know what you think. I'm also posting my daughters newest piece for her art class. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think. I really appreciate it. Maura has enjoyed reading your comments about her pieces too. So, Thank You, Thank You!!!


  1. Wow!!! This is wonderful. But I like the illustration without flags more.
    Your daughters work is great!!!
    Have a nice Thursday :)

  2. thanks Sonata, I was thinking the same thing, it looks like I just stuck them in as an afterthought I think.

  3. This looks great, finished! The details add another dimension to the piece, as do the flags. Working digitally, you have the option to move things around, if you feel uncertain- maybe show a "hint" of the flags somewhere? I like them as they are and agree, this is a wonderful promotional piece..."Will jump through hoops..."
    Artistic talent sure runs in your family, doesn't it? :o)

  4. Hooray! Three cheers! I came with my bag of popcorn, all prepared for this. I love the pattern on his tights. And I think the flags are wonderful. All those great patterns. Perhaps the blue flag, though, can be muted a bit so the focus stays on the lion tamer? I think they should stay in, but that's just my opinion.

    And whoa! Completely blown away by Maura's painting. She is extremely gifted!

  5. Well I posted on this yesterday I must have missed the code button cause the comment vanished oh well

    Oh it was like this - I like the flags. I didn't miss them in the original image but I think that they improve it.

    In doing so they create a very slight imbalance in the composition so maybe you could drop their tone a bit or transparency so they arestill there but add less tonal weight?

    You could balance them up with something on the bottom ( a subtle row of silhoetted heads in a reverse curve?) ????????? Don't really know.

    The lion tamer might need a subtle shadow near the feet to anchor herhim to the ground? But tis might disturb the composition??

    Question marjke everywhere? :)

    Art is action reaction so one change requires another change , the adjustments are like sinusiodal waves gradually reducing in amplitude until the work is finished.

    Oh I do go on :)

    I like the work it's a good piece.

    see you from down under

    edit the whitest flag draws the eye maybe a little too much

    have you thought about vignetting

    add layer fill with black then erase form centre with a large brush very soft at edges to reveal the underlying edges

    this will suggest a circular composition and if you leave more dark tonal circle at the bottom it will balance out the curve of the ring in the middle of the image

    just suggestions may not work at all !

  6. make that reveal the 'underlying image"!

    oh your daughters work is superb you are very lucky to produce such gifted offspring

    I am looking out for sea slugs,,, :)

  7. Thank you Michele, Bella and Andrew. All good points, and all appreciated, I will play around with it. I will post an update soon! Thanks again!

  8. Oh, I love the flags - they add to the gaiety of the circus atmosphere. A beautiful picture. x

  9. A wonderful piece, I can feel the magic atmosphere of the circus!!!

  10. thank you Elizabeth and Faruffa :)

  11. Like your daughter's work!

    As for your flag conundrum...my two cents. I like the patterns on the flags and the thought of the image itself. But it kind of feels a bit clashing because the suit of the kid is more 'grown up' and the color/handling of the tent is more 'realistic' as well. The flags feel more 'backyard' circus...so it is almost like there is two competing ideas going on...If you went either 'backyard bigtop' theme it would be neat...or if you kept it 'kid on the big stage real big top in the imagination theme' it would be okay...not sure if that makes sense or not...

  12. Hi Brine, thanks for the input. It actually is part of scene and it is in her imagination, if it all works out the way I want it to that is. :)


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