Saturday, November 20, 2010

A little time to breath again...

updated WIP pt 3
update WIP pt 2

Yay, it's officially Thanksgiving break and I can breath again.  So, this is an illustration that I had tried to work on for my critique group, but I couldn't find time to get beyond the sketch. The prompt was Cup.  So, I finally started painting it last night.  It's a work in progress. 

...and these are Maura's most recent pieces, from her drawing class, for her series on Asperger's. She is working on a really cool piece right now.  I can't wait to see it.  She described it to me and it sounds really great.  So this is what they mean, the one with sand is about the sensory issues she has. She hates the feeling of sand especially,  so it was really challenging for her to do this one. The one with the train is about obsessions and fixations.  She rocks often, even while she is driving or riding in the car.  As a child her spine was often bruised, because she rocked so much. But hey, she has some killer abs. The train is about her obsession with trains as a child and a fixation with the number 13.  She also loves circles and curves.

So, have you ever dropped a large gallon size bag of frozen soup on your foot?  Well, try not to because it really hurts.  I'm sitting here looking at my foot and it is black and blue.  Yeah, not fun, I don't recommend it.  So, in case I don't get a chance to post again before Thanksgiving, if you live where you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great one!  We are celebrating Thanksgiving, my grandson's 3rd birthday and my birthday.  My mother-in-law likes to consolidate celebrations ; ).  Thanks so much for stopping by and to all of you who comment, You Rock! You really make my day!


  1. Wow!!! Your illustration is so sweet and funny!!! I love it :)
    And the works of your doughter are amazing!!!
    Greetings Sonata

  2. Nice squirrels- are they sipping a strawberry milkshake? Such creative and insightful work from Maura! Happy Birthday(s) to you... Hope you and your family enjoy the celebrations!
    Keep that foot out of harm's way! ;o)

  3. thank you Sonata and Michele, hopefully I can finish it soon. Maura is very creative. I love the way she thinks.


    Oh my goodness, that is ADORABLE! I love their wee little faces! And their tails look AMAZINGLY soft! Can I please use them to dust my house? Heeheeheee, the one on the right looks hungry.

    Maura is an artistic genius. But you already know that, I'm sure. I am absolutely FLOORED by her images and their meaning. The train racing down her spine...whoa. (killer abs, you're too funny) And oh goodness, the hands! with the sand! and how did she get sand to pour out of the picture?! Amazing! Museum calibre work!

  5. Bella, I really love you! Thank you my dear friend and Happy thanksgiving!!!

  6. Heisann!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the kind comment.
    I have scrolled down your's and find it very interesting ;:OD)
    Have a nice week ;:OD)

  7. How adorable! The squirrel's poses are fantastic, and I love the concept behind this.

  8. Great expressions on their faces. They made me smile.

  9. Wow hheeeh someone said that bout wow anyway. You have a way with squirrels, these ltlle guys (sound like Jack) aare pretty cuddly the fur and the poses are just superb :)

    Its great to see the difference between the two wips it shows a lot of your technique and its very impressive.

    Your daughtare's work is great how she is getting the other dimensional thing happeneing

    hope your foot gets better soon!

    That;s whay we have two feet - one as a spare :)

  10. Thank you so much and this is how she did the sand. We kind of brain stormed on this while she was at the hardware store. We came up with the idea of using silicone caulk, she puddled it the way she wanted and let it dry, then used Modge Podge(a thick glue/medium) to pour over the entire area that she wanted the sand on and covered it generously. She let it dry overnight and because she had to take it to school she took extra sand, just in case, but she said very little came off. She had planned to top it off with fixative, but it made the sand look wet. Pretty cool, huh?

  11. Hey Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I always am encouraged and filled with joy at your comments. Glad to hear that you finally got some creative/down/Karen time. Your daughter’s work is truly inspired! It is so amazing how life’s challenges translate into such wonderful works of art. I love your “sneaky” squirrels. Such cute little guys (sounding like Andrew, sounding like me ) I have googled squirrels before, cartoon squirrels and illustrated squirrels. Karen Your duo surpasses any I’ve ever seen! I jumped to the updated illustration as well. I love the heart pattern on the boots and the sweater texture. You are amazing! Can’t wait to see the squirrel taking off with the sandwich... or did he already and I missed it :o) Happy Thanksgiving Karen! God bless you and your loved ones.

  12. Really good illustration. Love the squirrels quizical looks.

  13. Awww Jack you are too kind. Thanks, I had so much fun working on it. Thank you Katie and Monica!


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