Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When you only get to go on vacation about once every ten years or so it is very special when you do go. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been on vacation in the last 30+ years. All but one of those trips has been to the beach because the ocean is my most favorite place in the world to be. I love the ocean. I love to look at the ocean. I love to listen to the ocean. And, I adore live oaks. As soon as I start seeing them, I begin to feel better. Even if I wasn't feeling bad, I still begin to feel better. The ocean is this healing and amazing oasis to me. It is the one place that I truly love to be. I have always said that if I had a million dollars I would spend it on ocean front property. Of course now. it would cost several million dollars. But, I still feel the same way. There is just something about the sea that is so appealing. It is truly, my happy place.
The condo we are staying in is at Blue Mountain Beach and it is very beautiful. It rained all day our first whole day here. I'm talking torrential downpour! We still had a good day though. We weathered the storm and bought fresh seafood to cook for dinner last night. This morning we awoke to more rain and I wanted to cry. But. it soon cleared up to a gorgeous day. I am now sitting on the patio with my laptop, sipping a martini and enjoying the breeze off of the ocean. Life is good.

sunset, soooooo beautiful

natural pond with turtles, behind condo

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