Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yeast Rolls!

I love to make bread. When we lived in Germany for several years and had to shop an hour away at the commissary, I made bread at least every other day. (I never got up early enough to walk to the bakery) I don't bake like that anymore. My girls are grown and have moved out and my 14 yr old son is extremely picky. But, he loves O'Charley's rolls; So, I attempted to make them this weekend. After some Internet research we modified a recipe we thought would come close. It did come close but, will need a little playing with to get it closer to what he would like it to be. My husband and I liked them better than O'Charley's rolls. They were easy to make. You just have to think ahead because the rising time is about double what it normally would be for rolls. They saved really well and were as good today as they were this weekend. I think next time I will try adding a little malt, honey and a tad more yeast. Maybe that will produce a roll more like the O'Charley's version. The one I made was nice and lite, but the air bubbles were not as large and they were not quite as delicate or sweet. It is an easy recipe and requires no kneading.

Yeast Rolls #1

1) Mix: 1/2 cup cold pressed/refined coconut oil

1/2 cup melted European style butter

1 1/2 cups boiling water

2 tsps salt

2/3 cup sugar

-mix well then let cool to room temperature

2) Mix: 1/2 cup warm water

1 pkg yeast (do not use rapid rise)

2 tsps sugar

-mix and allow yeast to "bloom" for 5-10 min.

3) Mix: mixtures 1 and 2 together

add 2 slightly beaten eggs

pour into 6 cups bread flour (I use unbleached white)

mix in mixer until well blended

pull from the sides of the bowl

sprinkle counter with light dusting of flour

dump dough into flour and fold in from the outside 4 times

flip it over and tuck in the underside forming a large ball of dough(it should be smooth, this will help it to rise properly)

oil a stainless steal bowl with about a tablespoon of oil( I usually use olive or rice bran for this)and put dough in the bowl, rolling the ball until the smooth side is facing up and is coated in oil

cover with a cloth or towel and set on top of the oven or in a draft free area for 2 hours, it will more than double in bulk

press the dough down to release the large air bubbles

make golf ball size balls by pinching off pieces of dough, shape with fingers and tuck around and pinch on the underside just as you did with the large dough ball, again it will form a skin on the dough allowing it to rise properly
Mix: 1/2 stick butter melted but not too hot with one egg yolk, beating while you are adding the yolk, then slowly beat in 1-2 tbsp water, drizzle into the mixture while stirring with a whisk

dip each ball of dough into the mixture and place on a baking pan

(appearance after 2nd rising)
cover and allow the rolls to rise for 2 more hours

bake @ 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes on a rack one level above center of oven

(they should be golden brown)

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