Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So this isn't finished yet, I'm having trouble finding the time to get it done so far. I'm loving his eyes though. The other side has another child with fireflies "confined" within the jar, I just haven't gotten that far yet. So if you are viewing this and want to see the finished version, please check back later in the week. I'll probably get it done before Friday, but I wanted to go ahead and post it anyway. It helps to push me to finish. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated! Thank you for visiting.


  1. Like the composition. Really nice work. Unusual angle of the jar.

  2. Your work is so beautiful!!! I love fireflies. I wish they had them in Seattle!

  3. Looking forward to what you'll do with the other figure. It's like the spirit of things yet to come!

  4. I'll be checking back, I am loving the eyes too, and the colors, and the jar and the..... everything! Nice!

  5. Hello,
    Really nice work you have here!

    It´s with a great pleasure that i invite you to visit my art work on my new website:


    Regards and thank you!

    Rui Sousa

  6. Karen - this is wonderful as is! I think the composition is striking - and feel that it even highlights the action happening on the right. Imagine that other space with text...! A wonderfully rich and focused spread of a book. Really really nice piece. I think you are on a roll!


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