Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Two_MAD Prompt_Train WIP

I probably won't get a chance to finish this until tonight. This is where I stopped last night.  I like the simplicity of it and it has been fun to paint with no problems or how do I make this work issues. Gotta love the ones that just go smoothly and easily. Although my husbands only comment was "it's nice, but what's the point?" He thinks there has to be a purpose or a reason for everything. So, my reason for painting this is because I wanted to. Just for the fun of it! My younger daughter and my son, who is the youngest, both loved trains. They both had large complex sets that had sound and were automatic,  but my favorite one was the simple wooden one that you had to push to make it go, with the magnets to hold the cars together. We had a big table with drawers and many, many pieces of track, buildings, little wooden people, trees and signs... But they usually ended up putting a small figure 8 on the floor with nothing but the train and a few cars and would play with it for hours. Thanks for visiting and thank you for taking the time to comment!


  1. How on earth do you capture all this deliciousness?? This is leaving me speechless right now.... AMAZING!!!! You never stop. This is awesome work.

  2. Karen this is so beautifully done! The way you rendered the wood is especially wonderful! I also like how you posted the four progress views too. As much as we love our spouses and family, sometimes they just don't 'get it'! I know no one outside my guys does. Thanks again for bringing back those wonderful memories of playing with those awesome wooden trains!

  3. Hi Karen! The "paint job" is coming along really nicely, I think! (I'm totally with you re: the charm and simplicity of those wooden train sets, BTW). What's the point? Doing it and enjoying it is point enough, always — charge onward!


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