Monday, February 1, 2010

which version?

Which version do you like better?
The first, the second or the the one from the previous post.

Not that it really matters, I'm not using it for anything except for practice, but it helps to know what other people like as far as coloring and lighting goes. I darkened the previous one to bring out the dragonfly, but I like the others as well. Sometimes I just know, this time, not so much.
Thanks for your input!


  1. I definitely like the second one better because the colors are richer - it seems to have more depth. Love the composition and the boy's hair and eyes. Nice work!

  2. Hi Karen! I rather like the darkest one best (the one from the previous post), because it puts the focus on the dragonfly, which is where the child is looking. You could probably play up that focus even more — sunlight glinting off the wings, or a hint of iridescent color, for example.

    But they're all very nice, of course!

  3. Thank you Justin, that was my thought to begin with, then I second guessed myself. I played with the iridescent glint a little but maybe I will go back this week and play with it some more and see if I can play it up a bit more without doing too much. Thank you Paige for your input also, I really appreciate it.

  4. I agree with the darker one having more depth and richness.
    Very sweet illustration!

  5. Hi Karen, I also agree that the darker version seems to work the best for all the same reasons. I do like your original post too, but what I like about this darker one is that you see some more of the green in the background. Either one works though. Good luck with your continued experiments!

  6. Wow! Amazing Karen. Love the intensity and the tone. I'm with Justin. The darker one has more contrast and looks more complete. Great work ... as usual!


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